50 Fashion Rules



photo Shini

–  Red and pink clash.

– Don’t wear white after labor day.

– Don’t wear white shoes after labor day.

– Take off one accessory before leaving the house.

– Navy and black don’t go together.

– Shorts are only for summer.

–  Mixed prints are too busy.

– You have to wear silver or gold jewelry, not both.

– Petite girls can’t wear maxi skirts …

– … Or midi skirts.

–  Horizontal stripes make you look larger.

– “Classics” have to cost a ton of money.

– You can’t wear red to a wedding.

–  Faux fur and leather are tacky.

– Sneakers are only for the gym.

– Every women must own a trench coat. Or ballet flats. Or a black shift dress.

– You need shampoo to wash your hair.

– “Dry clean only” tags are always correct.

– Dresses and pants don’t mix.

– Denim on denim is a fashion faux pas. 

– You should always match your shoes, bag, and belt.

– Red lipstick is only for evening.

– Tall women shouldn’t wear heels.

– Sweatpants can never be worn outside the house.

– Only wear one bold color at a time.

– Pastels are only for easter. Or for Springtime.

– Once a garment is ironed, it won’t wrinkle.

– Sunglasses have to be neutral.

– Actual menswear is just for men.

– Glitzy fabrics like sequins can’t be worn during the day. 

– Sweatshirts are strictly casual wear.

– Clear heels are for strippers

– Always buy the same size in clothes.

– Clutches are only for nighttime.

 No short skirts after 40.

– Brown and black don’t mix.

– Faux diamonds are a fashion faux pas.

– An old coat is a lost cause.

– Keep your shoes in shoeboxes.

– Don’t wear socks and sandals.

 Jewelry boxes are best for storing your all your jewelry.

– A shower is the only way to get rid of too much perfume.

– Loose styles flatter plus-size women most.

 Jeans should be washed as much as your other clothing.

– Overalls can’t ever be chic.

– Sheer tops can’t be worn to work.

 Only dry clean your clothes after storing them, not before.

 High-waist pants are always unflattering.

 Fashion rules are meant to be followed and taken seriously. (As you can see, they’re not. Wear what makes you feel awesome!)

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